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Largest Bear Traps Bear Traps

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"Highly skilled trap makers are a rare breed
and Ed Hutzel is one of the best if not the best trap builder of all time." - Robert Vance

What started in 1999 as a way to make ends meet, a small town trapper man from Pennsylvania decided to build his own trap. As he soon figured out, there is a lot more to building a trap than merely throwing steel together. Through many years of trial and tribulation, a better trap was achieved and is what makes Hutzel Trap Company what it is today.

As you may know, most traps in this day and age are mostly if not entirely made by machines. If not made on United States soil, products are shipped from foreign countries, which slowly deteriorates the United States' economy. Our goal here at Hutzel Trap Company is not only to build a better trap, but to supply an item to the people that displays what is scarcely found, a stamp that reads, "Made in the U.S.A.". ALL of our traps are hand crafted 100% in the U.S.

Many different styles have been invented and produced in the twelve years that we have been in business. The traps that we are best noted for are the 50th Anniversary Bear Traps that celebrated the anniversary of the National Trapper's Association in 2009. Next would be the miniature and giant versions of trap collector favorites. Possibly next, the trap to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Or could it be the various convention traps donated to State Trapping Associations. Last but not least, the price guides we provide by Robert Vance.

Here at Hutzel Trap Company, we take pride in doing the best work possible to build the better trap for the trapper and the trap collector. So sit down, stay for a little while and see what we offer. Visit our forum board to discuss and share your stories. Send in your photos to have your place on our testimonials page. Above all have a great time and enjoy your stay.

And remember, "You can't go wrong with a quality, handmade trap from Hutzel Trap Company!".


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