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As with any commodity, the value of a trap is governed by many variables. The most critical factors are the scarcity, demand, and condition of the trap. 'Bear' in mind that the prices contained in this book are the retail price. The price that a consumer may be expected to pay for a similar item. If you have a trap to sell to a dealer, don't expect the retail price. Due to the amount of the money involved, the high cost of shipping and handling, the dealer will pay less, called the wholesale price.

Variations are found in many bear traps and forged parts. These are replaced with machine made parts and cast parts, jaw posts, swivels, chains and etc. These 'In-between' models often sell at the value of the nearest model.

If you find a bear trap that only grades good or new, the value would be the percent above or below the listed condition prices. A few traps, like the 415-X with REV-0-NOC and the #6 Kenwood, have been removed from this edition as the editor does not believe that these traps were produced.

The prices listed in this book are for complete and original traps in good working condition.


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Price Guide to Bear Traps by Robert Vance

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