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Henry B. Sargent made his first trap in 1882. It was a number 1 long spring with a blank pan and the spring stamped, "Oneida Pattern". In 1883, other sizes were added and at this time, only the size number was on the pan. These early traps had long link chains.

A patent was issued to Sargent on March 2, 1884. All traps made after that had Sargent & Co., size number of the trap, and "PAT.MAR.II, 84" in a small circle. The raised lettering was recessed in.

The 20 series, is the prize for collectors, with the #20 being worth the most. These square jawed traps were dogless with the #23 and #24 having teeth. Cast 8 chains were used in the late 1880's and were replaced with the "flat link". The flat link was later replaced with the half size figure eight and a half size lock link. And finally, a full sized figure eight chain. Bolted jaws were replaced with hook in types and by the year 1900, the small round rivet pan came in two models, the #1 through #4 and the #10 through #14. The only differences in the two are the top post ears on the #10 are turned in to help prevent pan wobble. One #11, was made with a large pan and a cut off hump cross that was spot welded to the original cross.

The small pan models have the "Dec.16,02" date on the two hole pans. Square riveted, and pressed pan models were all made by Sargent. The jump models, 60 series and 70 series, were all made by Sargent in #60 through #64 and #70 through #74.

Sargent & Co. stopped making traps in 1915 and the patent was sold to the Triumph trap co.


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