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H. G. Green and F. E. Adams, two former employees of Oneida Community, started the "Truimph" line of traps in 1912. Later joined by A. E. Kinsley, a former employee of both Oneida Community and P. S. & W. Company, these three inventors put Truimph at the top of the most wanted traps list.

The largest demand by collectors, is the early 'Skull' pan jumps and the criss-cross and 'T' types in the long springs. Oneida Community took Truimph to court in using the Oneida name in 1913 and won. Traps being made needed to have the company name changed, and traps in stock, needed the Oneida name removed. Some of these had Oneida checkered out and others had Triumph stamped over the name.

Traps were made for the hardware firm of the Hubert, Spencer, & Barlett Co. These mostly small sized traps have the trade mark H.S.B. & Co./REV-0-NOC. The number 30 and 31-X were the best of the traps and fifty years ahead of their time.

The invention of the 'Easy-Set' in 1928, along with the Great Depression, spelled the end of Triumph. The inventors were so impressed with the 'Easy-Set' feature that they overlooked the fact that these traps had poor holding power.

The company filed for bankruptcy and was bought by W. A. Gibbs in 1933.


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Triumph Trap Price Guide by Robert Vance

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