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Hutzel 115-X Wolf Trap
"You may have heard someone over the years say or think that these are just for show or to hang on the wall, but the real truth about these wolf traps is that they are not just real working traps!"

"They are made out of better steel than any other trap built in the past 150 years. The springs are fireproof. This means that even a fire will not take the temper out."

"You don't even want to boil other traps let alone putting them in a fire. I hope that clears up any questions about the quality of these superior traps."

- Edward Hutzel
Have a look...

The Hutzel 115-X/150 Wolf Trap was designed and crafted specifically for the larger wolves of the Northern United States. There has recently been a major incline in wolf population in the North and Western parts of the U.S. These greater numbers are dwindling elk herds severely. The goal with this trap is to better aid in the suppression of wolves so that elk herds may have a chance to once again flourish across the entire United States.

Hutzel Trap Company's owner, Ed Hutzel, began working on a prototype in May, 2009. He envisioned a new, larger trap to better hold these large animals. After months of hard work and mind numbing frustration, a fully functional prototype was completed in June of 2010. This 115-X, as the 'Master Trap Maker' has officially named it, is 28 inches long and weighs around 14 pounds dry. (Without chain or drag) There is around 180 pounds of pressure on each spring along with jaws that come as standard or offset, and offset with teeth.

At first, Ed was uncertain as to make the 115-X/150 with a chain and ring, or to make a longer chain with a drag. It was decided that both styles would be made, with and without the drag. Another uncertainty was to classify this as a Wolf Trap or a Bear Trap. Discussions with top collectors and seasoned trappers concluded that this should surely be a Wolf Trap. It was also decided that this would surely work as a bear trap also.

Please note that the #115-X features offset jaws with teeth and the #150 features standard jaws while both styles of this amazing wolf trap feature the quality and craftsmanship that Hutzel Trap Company strives to uphold.

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