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The founder of Blake, Lamb & Company, patented his first trap on April 26, 1859. It was a #0 jump rat trap with a willow leaf shape pan and bait holder. Traps made after April 26th have the patent date stamped on.

The under spring type became the bread and butter of the Blake & Lamb line of traps for the next one hundred and ten years. Other sizes were added after, #1 and #2 single springs, and #3 and #4 double springs.

Blake & Lamb and the Oneida Community worked an agreement that Blake & Lamb would be allowed to sell their own line of long spring traps and the Oneida Community would sell a line of jump traps. The Newhouse line of traps never sold good and were soon discontinued. The sizes were #0 to #6.

Blake & Lamb made #5 and #6 double under springs. Also, the "Blake", in two models for South America and a VERY RARE #7 H.S. & Co.

Blake & Lamb reintroduced the long spring line of traps in 1935 and also made both jump and long spring traps up until 1968. The year of 1986 is when the trap production went to the Woodstream Corporation. , who made the Victor style of Blake & Lamb traps for several years.

Blake & Lamb also made conibears, stretchers, trap placers, and trap stakes, etc. Although, it is very unusual that the company never produced mouse traps in all the years that they were in business.


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Blake, Lamb & Co. Trap Price Guide by Robert Vance

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