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Trap Price Guides

For years Robert Vance has been the leading expert in pricing antique traps. Being an avid trapper in his younger years, he now spends his days working on trap price guides and talking to his good friend Ed Hutzel, religiously. These guides are the most complete books on all sorts of traps ranging from Newhouse to numerous mouse traps and glass minnow traps.

What started as a small book has now grown into 15 full books of endless trap information that has become the standard for all trap prices. All Price Guides by Robert Vance 2010-2015 Edition are owned and distributed by Hutzel Trap Company only. There is no other way to obtain one of these amazing books!

These guides can only be guaranteed accurate until the expiration date, December 31, 2015. After that date, these guides will no longer be valid for purchase or use.

Although controversy has risen with the appearance of other price guides, the Price Guides by Robert Vance are unmatched with their amount and quality of information.

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